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Private business in the area of sales.


Demand for a single space where the user can discover places and service providers nearby, see info and photos, contact them, find out about new events and special offers as well as get discount for goods and services.

What we have done

Amo City apps for iOS and Android help users to find goods and services nearby and grant a special AmoCity discount for them – the app performs the function of the discount card itself. On the other hand, the app for service providers includes card scanner helping to identify the user and sell the product with the selected discount. Both – the user and the seller – have statistics of their purchases with the amount of saved money. On top of that, the app provides information about special offers and events in the selected city.

  • Place and service provider catalogue by city
  • Search by name, service types Integrated map
  • Profiles with pictures, info, discount, map and contact info
  • QR-code generator and scanner
  • Bar-code generator and scanner
  • Purchases statistics
  • News about places available in the app
  • List of events nearby
  • Calendar with events nearby


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